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Maxima Dental - NF 84799 (11/11/2022)

Maxima Dental - NF 84799 (11/11/2022)
Maxima Dental - NF 84799 (11/11/2022)
Product qualified as "Fast delivery"
This product is qualified as "Fast delivery". This means that it is usually delivered before the expected time.
Ex Tax: R$5,400.00
Steel AISI 420
The AISI 420 stainless steel guarantees safety and durability for the instruments.
Up to 20 years warranty
Only SSWhite Duflex has a warranty certificate of up to 20 years on the instruments.
Customised Instruments
SSWhite Duflex can personalise your instruments with your logo or name.

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Only SSWhite Duflex, a company with more than 100 years of activity, can offer an exclusive 20-year warranty on its line of Duflex Instruments. All instruments come with an exclusive warranty certificate.